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SB Dunk High Doernbecher Freestyle Finnigan Mooney 15th Anniversary


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In celebration of the 15 year anniversary of the Doernbecher Freestyle collection, Nike reintroduces Finnigan Mooney’s Dunk High SB.

In 2012, Finnigan Mooney shared his bright personality and unstoppable heart on his Dunk High SB. Finn had been through more than 13 heart surgeries but that did not stop him from making his friends and family laugh. “THUMP THUMP” and heart graphics throughout his bright Dunk high represent all of the elements that make Finn, Finn. To finish, his thumb print graces the bottom of the sole to represent him giving his parents two thumb’s up after each heart surgery.

Finn received a pacemaker this year and is in good health. Now a high school junior, he plays golf and continues to help other kids as a counselor-in-training at Merry Heart Children’s Camp. In Finn’s words, the Freestyle program “is about giving back to the kids at Doernbecher who have been through so much in their early years of life.”

All proceeds benefit children’s health and well-being at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.


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